Chip Chicken Lollipops  

Thursday, February 19, 2009


* 4 without skin, of the halves without bone of breast of chicken - cross in cubes in inch of 1/2
* 1 egg
* 2 spoonfuls with milk soup
* 2 cups crushed chips
* sticks of lucette of a store of trade or part


1. Preheat the furnace with 350 degrees of F (175 degrees of C). Lubricate a sheet of treatment the furnace.
2. Crush the chips on a dish. In a large basin, beat together egg and milk. Plunge the chicken cubes in the mixture of eggs, then coat many chips. Draw aside the nuggets on the sheet of treatment the furnace.
3. Make cook with the furnace during 10 minutes. Make turn the nuggets, and make cook with the furnace for 10 minutes more, until the brown one of gold. Remove the sheet of treatment the furnace of the furnace, and insert a stick of lucette in each nugget.

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